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Beatscape 28/04/2018


1;RODRIGO GALLARDO;Minero;Minero;Underyourskin

2;ROLIVA;Malecon (feat Josebass96);Ruido Capital;Nightnoise

3;LELE SACCHI;Dreaming Won’t Do (Tiger & Woods Nightmare mix);Dreaming Won’t Do;Rebirth

4;PIERRE MORITZ;A Une Main;Dede Is Back;Shall Not Fade

5;T.U.R.F.;Second Chance;Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 22;Exploited

6;CHRISTOPHE SALIN;Like A Call;Sweet Memories;Salin

7;THE STONED;There For Me (feat Dmitry Khota – original mix);There For Me EP;Emby

8;THE NATHANIEL X PROJECT;Dance With Me;I Am M.U.S.I.C.;Slow Down Recordings

9;CHRISTIAN JAY;Del’s Kicks;Katalox;Idle Hands

10;DEATH IN VEGAS;You Disco I Freak (Silent Servant remix);You Disco I Freak (Remixes);Drone

11;AERO MANYELO & FLUIDA;Man To Many;Man To Many;Get Physical

12;LAOLU & MR RAOUL K feat AHMED SOSSO;Djougou Yah (Perc mix);Djougou Yah EP;Compost

13;TRIKK;Devila;Vilara EP;Innervisions

14;GREG VENNY;Watching The Sky;Watching The Sky;Deeper Love

15;Olivier Giacomotto;A1;DEFINED;NM2

16;C.A.R;This City (Timothy Clerkin remix);Pinned Up;Ransom Note

17;ANNA;Into the Void (Original Mix);Suzi in Transe;Clash Lion

18;Drvg Cvltvre;Kill Or Be Killed Son;Acid Avengers 007;Tripalium

19;JOHANNES VOLK;A Little Story About Time & Space;Tears & Walls;Cocoon

20;SECOND WOMAN;Instant I;Instant/Apart;Tresor

21;214;Potential Events;Ingalls Way;20:20 Vision

22;BAD ZU;HSTLNG;99 PRBLMS;Through My Speakers


24;J ALBERT;Deepstate Riddim;Envy Turned Curiosity EP;The Trilogy Tapes

25;RESO;Aural Animation;Avenoir/Chibaku Tensei;RX0

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