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Beatscape 21/04/2018

Artist Track Album Label
01 DANVERS 1997 (feat Joe Armon Jones – Warren Xclnce remix) Interludes WotNot Music
02 MR FINGERS Full Moon Cerebral Hemispheres Alleviated
03 KARIM SAHRAOUI Before The 2nd Coming Plenitude R&S
04 KEV SHERIDAN Losing Someone Is Never Easy Alone In Berlin Maeve
05 CARL CRAIG feat FRANCESCO TRISTANO The Melody (Henrik Schwarz remix) The Melody Infiné
06 PC Spirit Feel Spirit Feel Church
07 DJ KOZE The Love Truck Pick Up Pampa
08 Levantine Can’t You See Me Pretty Girls Dance Chopshop
09 TE PROJECT Move Your Body (Organ mix) Vision Smashing Trax
10 KERRI CHANDLER Climax 2 Atmosphere EP Vol 1 Shelter
11 DJ HEURE Take Dat Chance Eastbound Let’s Play House
12 REDLIGHT Gamma Ray Dance Trax Vol 10 Unknown To The Unknown
13 TERR Memoir Have You Ever Permanent Vacation
14 TD & TERJE SAETHER The Late Escape (original mix) The Late Escape Manual Music
15 IRON CURTIS Take Me Home Sweet Romancer Uncanny Valley
16 Breach Culture (Original Mix) Culture NKDLTD
17 THE THIRD MAN Koffi Procession Part 1 Halocyan
18 Gorgi Georgi A Mower Field DM001: Dionysian Mysteries Dionysian Mysteries
19 ABSOLUTE Not Tonight (Vakkuum remix) Harmony Turbo Recordings
20 AVGUSTO Hunting The Bass (original mix) When The Going Gets Rough EP Flash Recordings
21 FEVER RAY feat PAULA TEMPLE This Country (Paula Temple’s DESTROY remix) This Country Rabid
22 SCALAMERIYA Hellzone Megapunk Hellzone Megapunk Perc Trax
23 POM POM Untitled 2 Untitled Ostgut Ton
24 NO MOON Infinite Dreamz Infinite Dreamz EP Craigie Knowes
25 YAGYA Snowflake 2 Rhythm Of Snow Delsin


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