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SABOTAGE #22 – The « Time of the Month » show

23rd February 2016

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The one with all the periods! 😀
My old techy comes in (I can only blame myself for technical problems now these days…) and sits on the other side of the studio on the microphone as a one-off and we listen to some music and chat (and dance and sing, but you’re not aware of that for the most part).


Beating back stigma around periods VS. Instagram

Tampon Tax in France,15931.html

Humbling article about homeless women and how they deal with periods:

« We are having serious issues with i-Tunes- they’ve flagged the album (we can only assume because of the artwork) and are currently not letting us release it. Hopefully this will change but they’ve given us no further details. It’s really quite ridiculous but fuck em. »

Playlist :

Old Romantics > Max Raptor
Max Raptor (out 22nd April 2016) /

Didn't He Ramble > Glen Hansard
A Season On The Line EP (2016) /

Cosmopolitan Blood Loss > Glassjaw
Worship and Tribute (2002) /

Half Quotes > Curves and Nerves
Split (Curves and Nerves vs. Ducking Punches) (2013) /

Get It Up > Mindles Self Indulgence
If (2008) /

Sweet Dreams > Sisterwives
The Pact (2014) /

Shmanpons > Sisterwives
The Pact (2014) /

Hard Out Here > Lily Allen
Sheezus (2014) + (live sing-along by me...) /

Bury Our Friends (Ft. Miranda July) > Sleater Kinney
No Cities To Love (2015) /

Father > Evil Engine
(2016) /

Circling The Drain > Faintest Idea
Increasing The Minimum Rage (to be released April 2016) /

Off With Their Heads > The King Blues
Off With Their Heads

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