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SABOTAGE #26 – Existance

5th April 2016
Late and Accidental Easter special

It gets very existential and sometimes accidentally and seemingly militant. It’s not, I just jabba and well, it really just fell together that way. Freestyles can bring out the…stuff. Freestyles can be a window to a person’s soul.

As I mention in the show, SABOTAGE now has a FB page (there’s not much to see yet, but follow!):

So after the show I did some research on the whole dog-shitting-on-a-tree thing…
(Nope, you wanna know what I’m talking about, listen to the podcast!):

This is my rat, Dexter, on his first day with his new mums.
He made me cry that day, on account of him peeing everywhere because he was marking his répères in a new space. I miss him, we had to put him down over a year ago.

Pay carfeul attention to how the man who asked the question reacts as my man Stephen Fry answers:
Q: Imagine you’re wrong, God exists. You die, go to the pearly gates and meet God. What do you say?

Also it’s been a while since you watched the Matrix, put it on your to-do list.

Playlist :

Plans > Fort Hope
Fort Hope EP (2015) /

Salt Water > Colt 45
The Tide Is Turning (2015) /

Move > Rat Boy
(single 2016)

I'm Nothing > Violent Femmes
New Times (1994) /

Spangin > Bart Horrible
Amped Up With Satan (2016) /

Kids Don't Follow > The Replacements
STINK (~1981) /

Rather Be Dead > Refused
Songs to Fan the Flames of the Discontent (1996) /

Fukt Up > Wash
Point Of View (2016) /

Know My Name > SATE

Less Pythagoras, More Prometheus > Tonight We Launch
Stochastic Punk (2015) /

Jesus Is Love > Tartar Control
We Forgive You (2015)

Moshea Sin Cesar (El We de MxH) > Juan Bodoque(E)
A Moshear Sin Cesar (2016) /

No Tengo Ningun Talento (Ese es mi talento) > Juan Bodoque(E)
A Moshear Sin Cesar (2016) /

Tu Amor Me Apesta A Semen > Juan Bodoque(E)
A Moshear Sin Cesar (2016) /

Scooby Està Muerto > Juan Bodoque(E)
A Moshear Sin Cesar (2016) /

Si Eres Tan Emo Cortatelas > Juan Bodoque(E)
A Moshear Sin Cesar (2016) /

New Abuse > Hesitation Wouds
Awake For Everything (released 27th May 2016) /

Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy > Wormed
Krighsu (2016) /

chill nature background noise /

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