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SABOTAGE #21 – Sloths are deceivingly dangerous

9th February 2016

The ANGRY show!
Disclaimer: the sound of the music and my voice are not always at the same volume, watch your ears, and play with your volume knob.
There’s more zing to the experience if the music is looouuud.

SO MUCH FUN WAS HAD making this show.
It was a great way to blow off some STEAM.

Funny article to read for songs to listen to if you’re mad:

Bob Gallagher, audiovisual artist:

KING 810 have partnered with Flint outlet Savage Village to support the Community Foundation of Greater Flint’s ‘Flint Child Health & Development Fund’
Music for Flint Water Crisis Relief (50+bands)

Russian punk scene, mini-doc:
« I think it was a success… nobody died! »

Playlist :

Break Stuff > Limp Bizkit
Significant Other (2000) /

Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage > Girl Band
The Early Years (2015) /

Authors That Gave Up > Lost Cities
Still (2015) /

Parasite > VANT
(2015) /

Hot Head > Death Grips
(2016) /

Punk Rock John > Neil Hilborn
Spoken word poem (live)

I Really Don't Need Those (Ghosts) > The Buttress
Behind Every Great Man (2014) /

Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel > Whitehouse
Bird Seed (2003) /

Strike > Stony Browder Jr.
The Whole Circus (2015)

Absurdity In Everything > Podacter
Plays The Millenial Blues (2015) /

We Gotta Help Ourselves > KING 810

No (2015) /

I Only Fucked You As A Joke > Childbirth
It's A Girl (2014) /

Shit Happens > Noise Complaint
(Live at DSI studios) /

Laugh > Itch
The Deep End (2014) /

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