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SABOTAGE #25 – Solidarité, Fraternité

22nd March 2016
The day of the Belgian terror attacks
solidarité, fraternité et résistance morale contre ces connards

Menstrual Cups:

The Frank Turner interview extract we played is ripped from another independant radio station based in NYC called Citizen Radio who fund themselves via donations from the public. Very punk rock.
Here’s a link to the entire podcast:

9 Sub-genres you proably don’t know about (INC Yardcore!):

My new hair, as promised:
New Hair Sabo

Still Hungry Fest links:
FB –
Tickets –
Lineup –

Playlist :

A Little Something > The Prozacs
A Little Something CDEP (2016) /

Like A Bubble > Mexican Heroes
(They're from ITALY, listen to the show, you'll understand) /

Follow You > Bring Me The Horizon
That's The Spirit (2015) /

Gunshot Dub > Enduser
Caustic Pulse EP /

Plot Vist > Mad Mortality

Sky Is Falling > Useless Children
Sky Is Falling (2009) /

Promises Kept (2004) /

Jeux d'Scène > Amère Plume
(Live @ Férailleur 24 Février 2016) /

Passion > Love Buzzard

Rodeo > Bad Cop Bad Cop
Boss Lady EP (2014) /

Learning To Live > SLOUCH
Toxic Bitch EP (2015) /

Sour Times > Riz MC
MICroscope (2011) /

I Will Not Bow > Breaking Benjamin
Dear Agony (2009) /

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