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SABOTAGE #30 – Fight the Polite

10 May 2016
After a week off, we’re back and we get down and dirtay.

It’s not a mistake, SABO 29 « What’s French for Va Va Voom » was lost to the failings of modern technology. « FrankenShow 29 » is a show for the future.

I talk about Face to Face 2 for a bit.
Was right about Eurovision
Mentos + a bottle of coke
Cleopatra and the invention of the vibrating dildo
The etymology of « ejaculation »
Self-cannibalism (no link to sex, much worse)
MAD INK DAYS Anger’s 1st Tattoo Convention

LINKS, as promised:
Redneck version of Mentos and Coke

Antoine, The Voice, semi-final reprise de Jacques Brel:

Ejaculate – 1578, “emit semen,” from Latin. ejaculatus, pp. of ejaculari, from ex- “out” + jaculari“to throw, dart,” from jaculum “javelin,” from jacere “to throw.”
Only other surviving sense is “exclaim suddenly” (1666)

My Dad Wrote A Porno (LOLZ guaranteed)

BBC Reporter goes in search of the taste of human flesh

i-D magazine documentary series on alternative beauty

Playlist :

Le Jus d'Orange > Rustic Rectum
Lanaya (2016) /

No Revolution in our Time > The Bristles
Last Days Of Capitalism (2015) /

Birds of Prey > Sobriquet
Pyrrhic Victories (date unknown) /

La Biche > Rustic Rectum
Lanaya (2016) /

Deaf Dogs > Heart Attack Kids
No Future (2016) /

Way To The End > New Dead Project
Run to The Hills (2016) /

This Was Boston, Not L.A. > Clif Hanger (The Freeze)
Live 2015

Inner Fight > Victor Marius Beliciu /

Cowboy > Bow Wow Wow
I Want Candy (1982) /

A Short List Of Complaints > SIBANNÄC
Suspicious Conditions (2016) /

II: Reality > Headrush
The Dream (2016) /

Bion Tears > HD Stardom
Vets of the Oil Rig (release date undisclosed) /

One Man Army > Cynide /

Fuck What You Heard > CLAW
CLAW (2015) /

The Great Escape > Trash Talk
No Peace (2014) /

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