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SABOTAGE #34 – Really Bad Cliffhanger

5th July 2016
…so get to being busy, shit needs t’be done.

What you need to know:

  • I’m going to the UK to work for 7 weeks.
  • When I come back to Angers briefly in September I will post an audio advert on the radio saying when the shows are going to start again
  • Because THEY ARE going to start again
  • I’m going to be doing them from Poland for a semester, as I’m there as an ERASMUS exchange student. So they won’t be live because of the time difference and equipment, it’s too complicated
  • You’ll be kept notified, don’t forget there is always the SABOTAGE FB page too!

Eco-friendly deodorant
and then here’s some links for using less water to wash:
The Sponge Bath
Water-only, no soap bathing
WIKI-HOW – Bathe When Water Is Scarce

The Pup Interview

<3 <3 Miike Snow: I Get A Little Bit Genghis Khan

Playlist :

Stained Lips > Fires Over Broadway /

Two Blood Pacts > Show Me The Body
Body War (2016) /

(she's a...) Yeti (...and she's horny as hell) > Skinny Girl Diet
(2016) /

My Life Is Over And I Couldn't Be Happier > PUP
The Dream Is Over (2016) /

Flying Fuck > TV Slime
TV Slime EP (2015) /

Tinfoil Boy > Jamie T
(2016) /

Give Me Fire > G.B.H.
No Survivors (1989) /

Trap Music > Side Cop /

Spoken Word (Ft. George The Poet) > Chase & Status
single (2016) /

How Selfish I Seem > Trash Boat
Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through (2016) /

Rule Number One > Sleigh Bells
single (2016) /

Fake My Own Death > Sum 41
13 Voices (to be released October 2016) /

No Time For Fools > TERROR
The 25th Hour (2015) /

Die Young > KOHH
DIRT II (SIDE A) (2016)

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