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15th December 2015

The last punk show of 2015 on Radio Campus Angers.
2015-itus finitus! We hope you had a good year, and this is a fun way to send off the year!

Playlist :

National Plastics > Pretty Vicious /

Forgive and Forget > La Vasa! /

Do You Wanna Get High > Weezer
Weezer /

Fallout > John Player Specials
Bout Time /

Lock Step Gone > Rancid
And Out Come The Wolves /

Sorry Jack > Scratch 21 /

Burial Tomb > Lonely Walk
Teen /

The Desire Of Language > Heat Dust
Heat Dust /

Saudade > La Misma
Ground Zero 2013 compilation /

Happy To See Me > Hop Along
Painted Shut /

Do The Supernova > The Membranes
Dark Matter / Dark Energy /

Take Me To Church (Cover) > Convictions
(Originally by Hosier) /

Fuckers > Savages
Fuckers/Dream Baby Dream 12inch /

Velvet Gloves > Slow Children /

Girlfight > Slaves
Sugar Coated Bitter Truth /

He Just Did The Praying Mantis > The Water Fox /

Auld Lang Syne /

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