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SABOTAGE #19 – Enter 2016

12th January 2016

I got so excited about 2016, that I planned way too much music for this show, so listen in and let me know what you think! Happy New Year by the way. Meilleurs Voeux ‘n’ all that.

SO overexcited even that I forgot to press record at the beginning of the show so it jumps straight it. You’ve been warned !

A Special Mention that got missed off the beginning of the podcast due to the above recording issues: SABOTAGE would like to wish Lemmy, David Bowie and now Alan Rickman a good time wherever they are now, and thank you for the gifts they left behind. Bye lads.

Playlist :

No Escape > Verbal Razors
Misleading Innocence /

Twenty Nine > After The Fall
Dedication /

Истребим людишек! (Lets exterminate humans​!​) > Whores
We Are All You Need /

Reapers > Muse
Drones /

Concrete > Spanish Love Songs
(prevously played on SABOTAGE #10) /

Flush Em (Cover) > Ausmuteants
released as split for No Friends Fanzine /

Noxious > Lumpy and the Dumpers
released as split for No Friends Fanzine /

Soleil Nord-Est > Télédetente 666 /

New Life > White Pigs /

Roe vs World > War On Women /

Eruption of Unproduction > Scandals
Create // Destroy /

Baba Yaga > Smokey Bastard
Back To The Drawing Room /

My Mind Is Unkind > Bobby Funk
Piss /

Born > Rotting Out /

I Eat Flies > Donnie Willow /

Everybody Dies > THE HELL
Groovehammer /

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