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Beatscape 18/01/2020

# Artist Track Album/EP
1 LES RITA MITSOUKO Andy Andy (Folamour’s Italo Remix)
2 Reggie Dokes Birth Day Reggie Dokes & Red D Are RD2
3 TAKAYA Deep Concentration Street Edits
4 DANNY MARX His People Be The Change
5 Gavin Froome Don’t Come Home (Giom remix feat Golden Ears) Hidden Treasures Vol 02
6 Free Speech AROUND7 AROUND7
7 LOVEBIRDS Da Sixty New Shit Has Come To Light
8 PO-LAR-I-TY Resolution (feat Anne Wirz) Ii
9 Urban Soul Alright (Phil Weeks remix) My Love Is Systematic Vol 12
10 SIMONE C feat MORRIS REVY Love You Forever (SoulLab vocal mix) Love You Forever
11 LOVESTAD Miles Miles EP
12 JON BILLICK Captain Crunch The 405
13 ANDY BUCHAN Brand New Girl (Gilly Barner edit) Brand New Girl
14 ONUR OZMAN Warhol At Spoerri’s EP
15 BECAUSE OF ART Back For More Tierra
16 HEAT ALLIANCE X-Ray (Janty remix) X-Ray
17 SWEELY I Do It Naturally You Can Try This
18 Patrice Baumel If Not Now, When? (original mix) My Love Is Systematic Vol 12
19 Protyv Place (R.Hz remix) Orbit
20 DRHAMER Change Everything Multiverso EP
21 ALDEN TYRELL Angular Vorm Variaties 2
22 DJ D REDD Founding Fathers (El Brujo remix) Founding Fathers
23 DJ MOUNTAIN DAD Step On The Edge Step On The Edge
24 DJ HAUS Jak Beat (NIKK remix) Modul8
25 DEBBA Echo Echo/Signal

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