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SABOTAGE #14 – I can’t think of a good name for this show

Let’s share us a moment together and discuss what punk actually is. This is only the beginning of the discussion. The lyrics of the first song on this show sum up how we’re feeling on Sabotage, so take the time to look them up.

The playlist is madness. It’s backwards compared to a normal show, for a start. It’s utter madness anyway, I’m trying to throw in as much as I can and see what comes out. The show is evolving and we’re experimenting, so we’d like your feedback!
What do you think of the music? Of how it’s all put together?

Give us a listen, get hooked, become a groupie.

We’re getting ready to kick ass for the next season at Radio Campus Angers, starting in October. Got an idea for a show? An idea for the journalism or communication sectors of our little family? Just want to be involved in any way possible? There’s so many different things you could be doing with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we don’t bite 😉 MUCH. Maybe we’ll be working together next year?! I can speaky ze Fwench, we can work something out!

Playlist :

What Happened (Ft. Michael Rappaport) > H2O /

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That > Anonymous Remix /

Pussycat (Alt Version) > Banane Metalik /

Fangs > Flatliners /

Rotting Idols > Get The Shot /

TAPIS Reel > M!R!M /

I'll Snap Your Fucking Head Clean Off > THE HELL /

Sudden Movements > Billy Talent /

American You > Yelawolf /

Moon/Sun > InAeona /

London Skinhead Crew > Booze & Glory /

The Moral Meaning > The Radicals /

Bad The John Boy > David Lynch /

Cloak > The Garden
[LIVE WIRE] Live Redbull Sessions

Crystal Clear > The Garden
[LIVE WIRE] Live Redbull Sessions

Pretty Little Thing > Too Close To Touch /

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