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#18 Beatscape

# Artist Track Album Label
01 Fluxion Flick Upsides & Sideways EP Echocord
02 Matt Karmil Guru (Matt Karmil remix) Guru (Remixes) Slowciety
03 SIMONE BAUER SIMONE BAUER Quantum Vacuum III Quantum Vacuum Norite
04 INTEGER Silver Palm Silver Palm SmallPrint Recordings
05 MUJIPUKI NHUBU 2.0 Mujipuki Returns! Loveless
06 DIONIGI Dancing (Daniele Baldelli remix) Dancing Quantistic Division
07 MODEL 500 feat JUAN ATKINS NO UFO’S (Moodymann remix) NO UFO’s (Remixes) Metroplex
08 MARCUS WORGULL Broad Horizons Broad Horizons EP Innervisions
09 Carlos Nilmmns Pride Late Night People Trax
10 TED JASPER Buried (extended version) Buried EP Fat!
11 DJ KOZE Seeing Aliens Seeing Aliens Pampa
12 SIGNAL ST Blond Late Night Games EP House Puff
13 Rochenoire La Beaute Copie Blanche Vol 3: La Beaute Copie Blanche
14 GRECO feat LEE WILSON Angel Angel Sole Channel Music
15 DJ PIERRE Strobe Light Laser ACID (Zombie Nation remix) Strobe Light Laser ACID Get Physical
16 PANTHERA KRAUSE Stomping Ground All My Circuits Part I Uncanny Valley
17 ROZA ROZA Embassy Patterns Lobster Theremin
18 FALTYDL Medium Size Room Three Rooms EP Hypercolour
19 THOMAS MEINECKE & MOVE D Shake Work International DeeJay Gigolo
20 BRAKE Bouncing Ball Bouncing Ball EP Phraser
21 DRUMSAUW Time Time & Spaces EP Second Air
22 CASSIUS SELECT Essence Essence Accidental Jnr
23 NEANA Fidelity Evaser Night Slugs
24 EXOS & OHM Frodhi Frodhari X/OZ
25 OLAF STUUT AI Fugitive A.I. Fugitive Engrave Ltd
26 ANNA The Dansant Speicher 101 Kompakt Extra
27 THROWING SNOW Tantrum TrA©bucher Houndstooth
28 Uun Chrysalis Transient Response EP Dynamic Reflection
29 STU & BREW Rash Rash Naked Lunch
0 Birth Of Frequency Child Various Artists Taapion

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  1. Hello guys, MUJIPUKI here! I just foud out about your station, and also realized you played one of my songs, « NHUBU 2.0 »! I want to thank you for that and also tell you that I’ll make sure I keep up with what you guys are doing.


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