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SABOTAGE #23 – Dr Pepper

SABOTAGE #23 – Dr Pepper

1st March 2016
Soutenez notre nouveau projet (pretty pretty please…)

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Adrenaline + Dr Pepper + great music late at night… was it ever going to end well?

We bring back Live Wire for a special feature on Amère Plume
Emergenza Final:
Champilambart (à Vallet, 15 minutes de Nantes) le 16 avril

What kind of nipple are you??

THE SEA BIN… (we didn’t talk about it but I promised…)
sucks plastics, oil and other waste out of the ocean into a removable mesh bag and releases the clean water back into the ocean. It runs 24/7, and is supposedly safe for the organisms living in the water (I’m yet to figure out how).


Playlist :

No More Lies > No Nipples
No Babies Allowed (2016)

Debris > Stickup Kids
Debris (2016)

O Bother, Where Art Thou? > Problem Daughter
Fits Of Disorganised Boredom (2016)

Control (Ft. Slaves) > Chase & Status

Synthetic > Spineshank
The Height Of Callousness (2008)

Glue Factory > The Rackatees
7inch Split w/ Lysolgang (2016)

We Are Who We Are > Damn Broads
Guilty As Charged (2014)

Punk Rock Girl > The Dead Milkmen
Beezlebubba (1988)

Execution > Amère Plume
[LIVE WIRE] (live from Nantes, December 2015)

J'en buterai un > Amère Plume
[LIVE WIRE] (live from Nantes, December 2015)

Claire Voyant > Pizzatramp
Two Quid Ten Minutes (?)

I Don't Care What Everyone Else Says About You, I think You're A Cunt > Tim Loud
What Am I? (to be released May 2016)

Purge > The Dreamer Within