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8th December 2015

Going through the old computer and rifling through some old records

Playlist :

Hellrider > Gutter Demons

Home and Heartless > Blue Daisy
Mermaids EP

Continental Shelf > Viet Cong

Cliché Guevara > Against Me!
23 Live Sex Acts

Juvenile Deliquant > Los Gatos Locos

Brand New Bass Guitar > Jamie T
Panic Prevention

Prévert, Kosma, Paris > Guerilla Poubelle
Play For Paris [NO BORDERS]

Solidarity > Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Lavender > Nonsense

Jacket > Poor Jeremy
It Could Always Be Worst

Fears of Gun (live) > Birthday
Pleasureheads Must Burn [Live DVD]

Dead Cell (live) > Papa Roach

Cold Words No Poems > Kaddish
Thick Letters To Friends