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Deena Abdelwahed (Dj-Set)


*** INFOS ***

Building on the themes of identity, storytelling and experimentation from her critically acclaimed debut album, Khonnar (2018), ‘Jbal Rrsas’ is the next chapter of a reimagining of what club music could be. The album spans seven tracks of bass, techno, and experimental music, with Abdelwahed consulting with masterminds such as Tunisian composer and multi-instrumentalist Khalil Hentati, aka Khalil Epi, and Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist, composer, and researcher Khyam Allami, as well as Egyptian mastering engineer Heba Kadry, to help realise her vision.
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*** Track ID***

Myst (feat. Nadah El Shazly) – VAMPI
Cyclic Wavez – Piezo
X0x0harddabke – aaa3ع
Tactilia – Ayesha
For Spirits – Batu
Ojos Cerrados – Luca Durán
The Syriac Club – ABADIR
Ma bqa khire (Ammar 808 Remix) – Nass El Hal
Cheikh El Kamel – 3xOJ
Each Day – Deena Abdelwahed
Mesh Marshmellow مش مارشملو – El Kontessa الكونتيسة
11 (Toumba Remix) – Tano
Dari Fog Nakhla – El Mahdy Jr. & XJ
Hard Billy (Deena Abdelwahed Remix) – Leonie Pernet
Lazem A3eesh – Qow


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