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Direction Orléans avec le DJ Von RIU

Campus Local Club vous propose les djs et collectifs de vos villes, aujourd’hui direction Orléans.

For our third serving, the Jerry Horny field team has summoned the finest connoisseurs from the four corners of France to formulate a 22 exclusive amuses-bouche bouquet to sooth your palate day after day.
A combination of the finest savoir-faire of our local producer’s expertise, that will give you more than just a taste of the French Countryside.
Recommended by the best nutritionists, the Vengeance Lactose Triple Action formula will keep tiredness at bay, keep you vitalised, and help reduce your appetite.
Let yourself be amazed by the subtle encounter between calcium-rich club music combined with ultra-high-temperature experimental sounds.
For adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children.


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