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Muttersaft 07 hosted by Kaltès – LAUREN FLAX

Muttersaft 07 hosted by Kaltès – LAUREN FLAX

Raw. Cold pressed. No additives. No sugar.
Muttersaft is a monthly show that aims to promote artists, activists and pioneers in the electronic music scene whom (mostly) happen to be women.

Muttersaft 07 with Lauren Flax.

Lauren Flax is a DJ, songwriter & record producer. Her discography is extensive, flush with originals, collaborations and remixes, including projects with a long list of world class talent such as Grammy-nominated artist Sia, Kim Ann Foxman, Romy XX and Tricky.

It’s no surprise this versatile artist is in such high demand, whether she’s creating trip hop and down tempo with production partner Lauren Dillard as CREEP, or giving life to hedonistic dance tracks in her solo works, Lauren always captures the essence of the genre, deftly shaping musical ideas into her signature sound.

As a DJ, she exudes calm confidence and impeccable style. Performing internationally for years, Lauren is technically superlative and delivers a host of Chicago, Detroit and New York influenced house music.

In the midst of what is being hailed as a major revival of New York’s club scene, Lauren has firmly established herself as a fixture of this new era of dance music, she will no doubt continue to journey from cult following to club world mainstay.



MUTTERSAFT is a monthly show hosted by Kaltès every last Saturday of the month.

Playlist :

You've Changed > Lauren Flax feat. Sia

Much Finer (Flaxdatass Remix) > Le Tigre

Alberto Balsam > Aphex Twin

Love is stronger than Death > The The

Vow > Garbage

I Want to Touch You > Catherine Wheel

Elsewhere > Sarah Mclachlan

Vertigo > Creep

Roads > Portishead

Light of a dead star > Lush

Pickles (Lauren Flax'Acid' Remix) > Peaches

Club Culture > Claudio Bruno

Mr Johnson's Talk'n Now (OG Demo Mix) > Brett Johnson

Baby Sing a Song > Rogue D

Whats Mine is Mine > Dj Pierre

Telegraph It > DJ Slugo

Instinct (Matrixxman Remix) > Vin Sol, MATRiXXMAN

Slick Brace > Crystal Bandito

Personal Slave > Honey Dijon, Charles McCloud

Wouldn't You Like To Be A Hoe Too > DJ Slugo

Analog Love (De Anders Remix) > Rick Wilhite, Andrés

Grand Master > Harvard Bass

As If (Justin Cudmore Remix) > The Carry Nation

Don’t Hesitate > Vonda7

Evenue > Chambray

Mz. Jackie > Vin Sol, MATRiXXMAN

F___ That M_____f_____ Bitch (Flax’s Acid Free Edit) > Parris Mitchell

And There Aint (Surprise Mix) > DBX

U Know feat. Josh Caffe > Lauren Flax