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#19 Le record de Serge et Mark

#19 Le record de Serge et Mark

De retour sur les ondes, Mark et Serge tentent de briser le record du monde de la plus longue playlist radiophonique. Vont-ils y parvenir ?  (Oui.)

Playlist :

I am drunk > Unlimited Madness

Thank You Lord > Patric Catani

Dechet Toxic > Mulk

I Will Always Always > Rank Sinatra

Unexpected Rupture Of A Condom > Jaga-Jaga Massacre

Garden Of Green Beret Prologue > Green Beret

Eentweedrievier Hoedje Van Hoedje Van > Glottisexcrements

The Alcoholic Pain > Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Punch Drunk > Cripple Bastards

End > Passenger Of Shit

The Hatcher Justfies The Means > Last Days Of Humanity

Prolapses Transpired Bowel Junk > Last Days Of Humanity

Piste 17 ! > Magistral Flatulences

Bbw > Mulk

Piste 28... > Magistral Flatulences

Educative Treatment In Torture Abuse 8 Finally Beheading > Last Days Of Humanity

You Tell 'Em Laurie > Toecutter

Exceeded In Frenzined Mayhem > Last Days Of Humanity

Glympz > Aksak Maboul

Piste 37 ? > Magistral Flatulences

Rectal Vomit > Mark Sida

Deejay Dead Mouse > Need New Body

Track 6 ! > Dj Scotch Egg

Hardcore Is Gay > Mark Sida

Requiem > CDR

Anal nightmare > Purulent Spermcanal

Bruit > Mulk

Introduction To Remove Your Brains > L'Homme Fatal

Supuration > Mulk

Catch Your Snatch > Gut

I'm Gonna Vomit > Choked By Own Vomits

Marunic anal inspection > Purulent Spermcanal

Sexual Hysteria > Cripple Bastards

Animal Fantasy Cut Up > DJ Rainbow Ejaculation

Cacophonic Tornado > Bordel Sonore

Urkels > Amoebic Dysentery

Carnovorous Nausea > Last Days Of Humanity

Bananas And Dragons > Need New Body

Apple Snake > Need New Body

My Name Is Bubbah > Amoebic Dysentery

Your Family Is Dumb > Anal Cunt

Vomitus Faeculentus > CxMxPx

Open Your Ass, And Look, Oh Yes Look > Passion Caca

Kokes momental indisposed > Purulent Spermcanal

Demented sperm > Purulent Spermcanal

Just Tae Tvo Of Us > Anal Cunt

Mat Est Un Connard > Gronibard

Go A Head Eat Me! > Purulent Spermcanal

Piste 25... > Magistral Flatulences

I Dream Of Rimming Jeannie Liddel > Toecutter

Mike Mahan Has Gingivitis > Anal Cunt

Il Est Pas Carré, Il Est Pas Rond, Il Est Ovale Mon Trou De Balle > Gronibard

Triple Penetration > Gut

Gynäkologie > Excrementory Grindfuckers

Shut Up Paul > Anal Cunt

Dogs In Hoops > need new body

The Poetic Nature Of The Sadomasochist > Jet Jaguar Kr3 Kill Spree

I Like Drugs And Child Abuse > Anal Cunt

A++ > Excrementory Grindfuckers

Fente Religieuse (Black Metal Assault) > Septik Foss