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Beatscape 23/06/2018


1;PETAR DUNDOV;Dalmatina;Dalmatina/Once We Were Here;Music Man

2;MARIUS CIRCUS;Had No Clue;Had No Clue;In The Garden

3;SECRETSUNDAZE;Still Hope (Waajeedas Searching dub);Still Hope feat Anthony Anaxagorou;Phonica

4;Peggy Gou;Shero;Needs X UN Women Present HeForShe;Needs (not-for-profit)

5;DJ DOVE;Illusions (NY Stomp Extended Tribute mix);Illusions;4 To The Floor

6;RAWDIO;Hammer;300 Croissants;Smashing Trax

7;JACSSEN;Nightfall;Flight Service;Smashing Trax

8;DEELAY;Closer (remix 1);Closer;Pogo House

9;CHANEY;Dixons (Dave Angel remix);Dixons (Remixes);Skint

10;HP Vince & Dave Leatherman;The Coming;Disco Delux;Chopshop

11;MONTY LUKE;Bomb On Bomb;Bomb On Bomb 2018;Black Catalogue

12;MAN FROM OBJECT : R525L;My Life Eternal;First Contact;Diac Immortal

13;MARCO RESMANN;Rushing (original mix);Rushing;Gruuv

14;ENRICO SANGIULIANO;New Dawn;Biomorph;Drumcode Sweden

15;KAI RANDY MICHEL;Trauma;The Unexpected;Darknet

16;Soothe;2pole;Alone EP;Suara

17;GEMINI VOICE ARCHIVE;Portal;Space Time Anatomy;Soma

18;EXILLES;Istmo;H949 EP;Planet Rhythm

19;Berg Jaär;Olis;;Roöm

20;DJ J Heat & Neana;Love;Night Slugs Allstars X;Night Slugs

21;DJ VARIANT;Lucy;Lucy EP;Heavy Traffic Recordings

22;FINN;Give Us A Hand;Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough;Local Action

23;G JONES;Understanding The Possibility;Understanding The Possibility;Illusory

24;SB81;Dreamers;Future Point EP;Metalheadz

25;PIXELORD;Robo (Tropical Interface remix);Human Exe Remixed;Hyperboloid

26;REGINA;Controlling The Senses (feat Dawn Raid);Another Day/Controlling The Senses;Natty Dub Recordings

27;IMPISH;Can’t Feel (Vinyl mix);Hush;Occulti Music

28;COSMOLOGY;Musical Imaginings;The Fellowship EP;Celsius Recordings

29;The Rejected;O Craque De Futbol;Disco Tropico;Whiskey Disco

30;GIRL UNIT;WYWD (feat Kelela – remix);Night Slugs Allstars X;Night Slugs

31#;PIXELORD;Metal Mutant (Jan Amit remix);Human Exe Remixed;Hyperboloid

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