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Beatscape 15 juin 2019

# Artist Track Album/EP Label
1 La Fleur Tears Speicher 108 Kompakt Extra
2 BLACK MAGS Embargo Embargo Simply Deep
3 AKUFEN My Blue House My Blue House Quartet Series
4 MIKE GOLDING Boosenbender The Beginning EP Delsin
5 ROBERT OUIMET Where’s Eugene Edits Vol 2 Basic Fingers
6 Probably Shouldn’t Don’t You All Stars EP 3 Re-Loved
7 STEVE LAWLER Narna Narna Play It Say It
8 JOHNNYPLUSE Magic The Return Of The Good Stuff Distro Punks
9 T99 Anasthasia (Marshall Applewhite remix) Anasthasia (2019 Remixes) Part 3 IG Recording
10 REBUKE Posers Ray Gun 50 First Raves Truesoul
11 JOZEF K Ain’t Scared Of U Mothaz Ain’t Scared Of U Mothaz W&O Street Tracks
12 AMISH BOY Simpler Nice Try Donnie! Power Vacuum
13 DAN CURTIN The Fundamental Mind The Lush Network Dolly
14 Wolfe Do Me Right Funky & Garage 1Forty
16 Rennie Foster Switch Stance Dave Ingham Presents 5 For 25 Nice & Nasty
17 Rod Brighten Up Bunny
20 JOEL MULL/HEIKO LAUX Centipede Centipede Drumcode
19 BALTHAZAR & JACKROCK Stargaze Stargaze EP Suara
20 ALPI In Your Inner Sea (Alfredo Mazzilli remix) In Your Inner Sea EP Planet Rhythm
21 SLEEPARCHIVE Frost Revised Recordings Tresor
22 NATHAN FAKE Glaive Glaive Cambria Instruments
23 Martyn Recon 3024-FYE3 3024
24 GARY GRITNESS A Sawed-Off Farewell The Legend Of Cherenkov Blue Hypercolour
25 Demure Nyambosi Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz 4/20 Dank N Dirty Dubz
26 SKINTDISCO Uno Bish (Glume & Phossa remix) Uno Bish Silent Motion
28 Dev79 & Sideswipe Emerald Tree Boa Can’t Fit In A Box EP Black Marble Collective
29 T99 Anasthasia (Damage Inc. remix) Anasthasia (2019 Remixes) Part 3 IG Recording
30 Dead Man’s Chest & Coco Bryce The Dead Will Dance Dead Man’s Chest & Posse Sneaker Social Club
31 SLICK SHOOTA Into Orbit VIP Vaults VIP Vaults
32 BOP Untitled Pattern 69 Patterns I Have Known & Loved Medschool
PRINS THOMAS Urmannen Ambitions Smalltown Supersound

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