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Beatscape 09/11/2019

# Artist Track Album/EP
1 PATRICK CONWAY Know The Future Know The Future/Digital Warfare
2 DLS The World Is Detroit (Kenneth Scott remix) Vakant Remixes
4 Tom Flynn Avenue A Rv Trax Vol 4
5 808 STATE Angol Argol Transmission Suite
6 ORLANDO VOORN Life Beyond The Clouds (feat Orlando Voorn & Blake Baxter – vocal) Diligence Sampler
7 JOSH WINK feat URSULA RUCKER Sixth Sense (Womb vocal version) Sixth Sense (Remixes)
8 VERSALIFE Aegis Asimov’s Code
9 MEKAS Extrapolar Chaosmos
10 Wehbba Mantra A-Sides Vol 8
11 VOISKI Reaffirming Eternity At The Speed Of Love
12 MARCO FARAONE Not A Crime Don’t Need You
13 MALL GRAB/SKIN ON SKIN Strangers Strangers
14 RONNIE SPITERI Tell Me Something The Empty Eye
15 WaveBndr Memry Lss Acid Avengers 013
16 DEANO Double Take (Yant remix) Double Take
17 DJQ Static The Madd Scientists EP
19 AQXDM feat AQUARIAN & DEAPMASH Leisure Techno Infrared
20 MARTINELLI They Lied Plano Z
21 Ill K Warp 6 Warp 6 EP
22 BISWEED Haptics Hatched 34
23 MORAKH To The Sky (remix) To The Sky
24 SECRET STATE Dystopian Preset Arctic EP
25 DJ SPINN U Ain’t Really Bout Dat Life Da Life EP
26 J Nomad & ReDraft Keep It The Wizard EP
27 AQXDM feat AQUARIAN & DEAPMASH The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow
28 CHAMPION SOUND Ghetto Youth (feat Hawkeye – Nmesh remix) Youth EP

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