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Le Garage des freaks #8 spécial Psych Folk

Le Garage des freaks #8 spécial Psych Folk

Playlist :

Funky Soul Brother > The Soul Drifters

Tu marches et tu pleures > Les Dauphins

Adımız Miskindir Bizim > Mazhar ve Fuat

true love heartaches > Bobby Runnel's Faux Pas

Would You Believ > Billy Nicholls

Ballade en Foret > Emmanuelle Parrenin, Phil Fromont, Claude Lefebvre

Am I Supposed To Let It By Again? > Roger Rodier

I Couldn't Care Less > The Couriers -

I'll Make You Pay > Shady Daze

Live and Die > The Barons

The Ballad of Casey Deiss > Shawn Phillips

Roses For Columbus > Mark Fry

I want you > Squires

VULTURES > Night Beats ft. Robert Levon Been

Hallogallo > Neu!